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Case Studies

Bright Spaces & Skanka’s commercial development business unit in Romania


After announcing our partnership with Skanska`s commercial development business unit in Romania in August 2020, we launched our first-ever digital leasing platform in October 2020.
For this implementation, Bright Spaces’ team collaborated closely with Skanska’s leasing and marketing departments in order to make sure we met the company’s strategic needs.

Bright Spaces & One United



In 2020, One United Properties decided to showcase and lease their entire office portfolio digitally, through Bright Spaces, being our first client to choose our solution for all their office buildings.
This changes the way that the potential tenants can see, interact, then rent a space, and substantially facilitates the leasing process.


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Tactics: Discover specific tactics that you can implement starting now.
Know-how: Dive into a piece of content written by marketers for marketers.
Inspiration: Stop wasting time browsing for inspiration for your campaigns, we got you!

Variety: No matter what channels you communicate on, we have something for you

Use digital replicas to accelerate leasing and selling


Platforms that showcase a digital twin of your actual building can come with multiple other features, useful both for tenants/clients and landlords.
For example, seeing the real-time availability of spaces helps the client make a better-informed decision, while the landlord knows exactly, at any point, how many spaces they still have for lease/sell, how many free parking spaces there are or how many storage spaces.