Last year, we launched our second product, the 3D Custom Space Planning solution.

The development of this solution came from a simple insight: more and more people from multiple departments are involved in choosing their next office. 

Real estate professionals need the best tools to stand out in front of them and present the potential of a space in the most intuitive, modern, easy-to-understand manner.  

What is Space Planning?

Space Planning is usually a visual, 2D representation that includes the layout of that space, how capacity and different functions are accommodated to answer requirements and ensure optimal accessibility. It means making the best use of a space, taking into account a tenant’s requirements (in the case of an office) and the potential of that space. 

What is 3D Space Planning?

We define Custom 3D Space Planning as a visualisation tool that elevates these 2D plans into 3D virtual tours, making it easier for tenants to understand what their future space might look like. 

Essentially, we take design requirements and build a virtual tour tenants can walk through in order to get a better overview of the space.

Going for 2D black-and-white plans doesn’t fit well in a world in which we are used to gamification, AI and digitalisation, and landlords and agents seeing this will win the game. 

So we launched a solution through which we rapidly turn 2D space plans into 3D interactive virtual tours. 

The most important benefits, as we’ve seen them in our collaborations until now include:

  • It speeds up decision-making since tenants can clearly visualise all the details of an office space digitally 
  • A virtual tour is available online, on any device and it looks great on mobile; this makes it easy to share the custom space plan with all decision-makers
  • A branding benefit that gives you an edge as an agent or landlord/developer 
  • Designed to help the customer understand how their team would fit in a proposed office space and make an informed decision  
  • Supports Return to Work policies that occupiers are creating in order to bring their teams back to the office

Our first client to use this solution, Avison Young Romania, highlighted one of the benefits:

“86% of Avison Young Romania’s clients mentioned that the digital solution (3D model and Virtual Tour) provided by Bright Spaces created a better start point in further developing the Concept-Design with their selected architect and to estimate the Fitout and Furniture cost of their future Office Premises.”

How does 3D space planning work? 

If you’ve already opted for our digital twin product and you also want custom 3D space planning, all you need to do is send your clients a short survey provided by us with questions about their space needs (e.g. headcount, number of desks, dimensions, collaboration areas etc.). 

When you already have a 2D plan, it will speed up the process of delivering the 3D space plan. If you don’t have the plan, we can work together to create it in 2D at first and then elevate it in 3D.  

What if you change your mind after we deliver the 3D? All our clients have one round of revisions included, so we can edit it according to your feedback. 

Creating such a virtual space takes us a few days, with our team of in-house architects and 3D developers. The tour stays available on a personalised link for as long as you need it to successfully close the deal. 

ESG-focused space planning

What’s very important to know is that we do not need to travel to the physical location in order to scan the floor. Everything we do is built in 3D in a digital environment, based on the floor plans, which makes turn around times shorter and more sustainable, with consideration to the carbon footprint. 

Furthermore, we can map all ESG-related features through pins directly on the 3D floor plan. This is a unique detail that we’re adding so that tenants will know, from the first interaction with a space, how sustainable it is. 

Return on Investment for the space planning solution

Custom space planning is an investment. In the long term, it saves you time and money, speeding up the leasing process, and it brings brand awareness, as innovative real estate players choose this solution for their spaces. 

We are flexible and aligned with your objectives, which is why we developed pricing plan options based on surface. If you need to learn more, let’s book a call. 

3D custom space planning will soon become a standard and we know this because it’s an easy and natural step ahead. It enhances a long-standing process and supports landlords’ and agents’ work. It will be as normal as having a website or a social media presence. 

Let 3D Space Planning work for you. Start today!