This year, we are conducting our first survey, looking to understand how landlords perceive the digital revolution in real estate.

We aim to reach international representatives of office spaces and to see how technology impacts their property management, development and growth. 

This comprehensive material will reveal important tech trends internationally, thus representing a valuable tool for the industry. Using these results, landlords and proptech providers as well will be able to take yet another step towards a bright future in real estate.

Who can contribute?

We would be honored to learn your perspective if you represent a Developer / Landlord and:

  • You are occupying a C-level position in the company
  • You work in the Leasing, Marketing or Innovation department

We are open to receiving answers from multiple people from the same company, as long as: 

a) they are part of different departments 

b) they are part of the same departments, but in different country-branches

How can you contribute?

You are invited to fill in the survey form.

*by filling in this from, you give Bright Spaces the right to use this data and answers in order to keep you updated with the results of this survey and to interpret, publish and promote the results of this survey. All the provided personal data is and will remain anonymous and confidential. We will not share your personal data with any other 3rd party.

What’s in for you?

  • All respondents will be invited to an exclusive, private online event, to be the first ones with whom we share the results of this survey
  • You become part of a bigger movement – this international study will bring together professionals from various companies in different countries and be shared with numerous specialists in real estate
  • You help shape the perception over PropTech in Commercial Real Estate
  • This material will be available for free, worldwide, and you can share it with your own teams, communities and shareholders

Giving back to the community is essential for us and this is why we started Bright Insights back in June 2020. Now, we are dedicated to creating a more complex piece of content, using a collaborative format, counting on the experience and visionary ideas of the professionals in the CRE industry. This research has the potential to strengthen the role of technology in real estate once again. – Bogdan Nicoara, CEO & Cofounder @ Bright Spaces