Building a strong relationship with our clients is deeply embedded in our company culture. We are grateful to work with them and to continuously learn through their feedback. We are doing everything in our power to meet their needs and requests in a timely manner, with professionalism and authenticity .” says our Head of Customer Success, Adrian Pascu.

Whenever we start implementing our digital leasing platform for a new commercial real estate partner, we also begin an ongoing, long-term relationship with them. We structured more articulate onboarding and post-implementation processes and we are now working to define them even better once our business scales.

So here is what you should expect from our collaboration in terms of customer care processes.

Once we welcome you aboard our ship, you should expect an onboarding session, with your leasing department, the marketing department (as we have a feature that allows you to send a list of vacant spaces to brokers), and any other key person who will use Bright Spaces, and our Head of Customer Success.

During this session, we will take you through everything you need to know about your new showcasing & leasing platform:

  • CRM – how to use it and how to make the best out of it. Bright Spaces offers you the option to use your own CRM (with which we can integrate) or to use our own. This helps you manage all your leads and it grants access to multiple users, but who can have different roles. You can read more about the importance of CRM systems here.
  • Admin – introduction to a user friendly dashboard that allows you to add new tenants and manage your office, retail, storage and parking spaces status
  • Reporting – offers you an insightful overview of your building’s performance and see what is to improve. You will discover that everything is interactive and intuitive because we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to extract the most relevant information 

The feedback and communication process starts from our first point of contact and continues for as long as you use Bright Spaces. 

“It is a genuine pleasure collaborating with Bright Spaces. They deliver more than they promise and provide full support in a timely fashion. I believe that this is the biggest similarity between Skanska and Bright Spaces: premium user experience.” Maria Tudorica, Leasing Negotiator Skanska Romania.

Read more about our partnership with Skanska Romania here.

You can be sure we will be there to answer your questions and look for the best solutions so that:

  • Your fast-paced developing rhythm is supported by a customized tech solution that answers your specific showcasing and leasing needs
  • The content you showcase on the platform is engaging, on point, and ready to generate and manage relevant leads
  • The whole tech development process and collaboration with our design team is smooth
  • Your feedback is considered and used as a starting point for improvements
  • Our whole partnership aims for sustainable growth

“We recognize the importance of online tools, therefore we developed a great partnership with Bright Spaces. The digital leasing solution for our office portfolio at One United Properties enabled us to put forward, remotely and in a highly efficient manner, solutions that also include fitout options and 3D tours. This dramatically improved productivity in the leasing process.”, said Mihai Paduroiu, CEO One Office.

Read more about our partnership with One United Properties here.

”The platform developed by Bright Spaces supports our dedication to innovation, tech and digital integrated solutions. An innovative leasing process, 3D showcasing of our offices and optimised landlord-broker-tenant interaction have become essential in 2021. Adaptability is a must and decisions are based on rapidly delivered information, therefore, we are now able to respond to our clients needs much faster than before. We are proud to be working with an excellent team, who understands our needs and delivers hands-on solutions with a smart and user-friendly approach.” commented Mark Oancea, Managing Director Vox Technology Park

Read more about our partnership with Vox Technology Park here.

Our customer success process is still to be defined in terms of procedures, as we are still a startup, but what we have known from the start and are determined to always follow are the values on which we build our relationship with our partners:

  • Dynamic and well-balanced communication 

Each partner has its own specific style of communication and unique requests that we translate to our developers. 

  • Professionalism

We are dedicated to becoming a standard in the industry so every implementation, new product, or demand is addressed with professionalism and motivation to deliver the best results to our partners.

  • Honesty 

 “Being on time is crucial” and Adrian is ensuring that the development team is doing their best to achieve this. However, working with technology can sometimes mean experiencing delays or unexpected challenges that impact our activity. And as much as we are working towards avoiding these situations, whenever they do appear, we own them, explain them with honesty and look for the best approaches that could help us avoid similar situations in the future.

  • Efficiency

We allocate resources as efficiently as possible in order to meet our clients’ requests. The feedback we receive is passed on to the development team and to our CTO who then work on finding the most suited solutions. Even though these resources can sometimes be limited, being efficient, to us, means prioritizing and distributing them accordingly.

  • Empathy

No well-cemented relationship is purely transactional and we know that. Especially now, when we all feel the need to connect more with others, you can expect a human approach and a casual talk before a business meeting when talking to our team.

I’ve worked together with the Bright Spaces team to customize the Impact Hub platform and I was impressed by their receptivity. They paid attention to all our suggestions and assisted us during the implementation. Furthermore, they have a really well prepared tech team, who understands our needs and comes with efficient solutions in order to achieve our goals. Personally, I am very happy to collaborate with an agile partner that knows how to bring added value to its clients. – Andra Duta, Digital Marketing Specialist Impact Hub Bucharest.

Read more about our collaboration with Impact Hub Bucharest here.

In the future

As we grow, we will keep the same focus on our relationships with our clients. The customer-oriented department will grow and will have much more defined processes while saving some space for spontaneity and flexibility – one can gain highly valuable insights when being adaptable and open. Of course, we won’t neglect the complaints & suggestions side either and are already working on setting the best ways to manage them.

We think that for any company, its clients are vital and not only for its financial stability. Building a network of clients who are satisfied builds our reputation while being open to integrating their feedback and learning from them helps us achieve our global goals. And for this, we want to thank our present and future clients for choosing us!:)

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you and your office space, no matter its size or location, request a demo here or contact us directly at office @ brightspaces. tech!