Next week, on April 27th and 28th, part of our team will be present at CREtech London, a top PropTech Conference in Europe bringing together founders, clients, investors and many more real estate and tech professionals.

If you’ll be there as well, our team is ready to meet you! Get to know them beforehand with this short article and come say hello next week!

CREtech will always be a top networking event for commercial real estate. Although the pandemic has kept us from physical meetings, now we can get back into action. During the event we would like to prove that our solution doesn’t take out parts of the process, but actually brings clarity, speed, and a flawless experience of real-estate assets to all stakeholders involved: landlords, brokers and tenants. 

I hope to meet and greet as many potential partners and have the opportunity to demonstrate the power that digital twins connected to data can bring in the process of leasing commercial real-estate assets.

I’d like to ask them this: What value do you see in going digital in leasing offices spaces? And … 🙂 …. With how many buildings do you want to start with?

Connect with Catalin Dragutoiu: 

CREtech London is one of the largest Proptech conferences in Europe, bringing together the brightest minds from the built world. Through my attendance, I hope I will gain deeper insight into the real estate industry, understand better the current needs of landlords and connect with like-minded people who believe digitalization is the future of real estate. 

I want to discuss with other participants how Bright Spaces can help them promote their real estate assets in a more innovative, digital way. There are many ways that virtual tours can be used to boost real estate marketing campaigns that can be easily implemented. Looking forward to brainstorming all the tactics available. 

Connect with Georgiana Floroiu:

I’m looking forward to discovering the latest trends in real estate technology and innovation, at CREtech London. I think it will be a great opportunity to explore fresh ideas and technologies and network with leading professionals in the industry. I’d like to talk to other participants about the implications of digitalisation in the leasing process.

Connect with Daria Mircea:

I am excited to be back at CREtech London and connect with current partners, future partners and thought leaders in the industry. It’s a great opportunity to debate what’s next in real estate and tech and discuss the impact of digitalisation and ESG goals. At Bright Spaces, we create digital universes for the built world and I am eager to engage with decision-makers who understand the real value of proptech.

Connect with Bogdan Nicoara: 

I will be joining my colleagues at CREtech to proudly represent Bright Spaces and showcase the value we can bring to the table for CRE leaders looking to digitize and bring to life their portfolios. I expect strategic network opportunities, informative experiences, and leaders eager to discover and embrace new technologies. 

I would like to discuss how our point solution raises the bar and delivers results across several key aspects in a leasing process, not just one, and how it fits into the digitization ambitions CRE leaders increasingly have today.

Connect with Alexandra Moroianu: 

CREtech London is the perfect place to catch up with the latest technologies and trends in real estate and to explore new needs to integrate into our solution. I would really like to get feedback on our solution and understand what potential partners feel we still need to add to the platform.

Connect with Andrei Constantin:

The main reason I’ll be at CREtech London is to make Bright Spaces known to an extended and qualified audience: real estate developers and investors all across the world, gathered at one of the most prestigious Proptech events

I’m looking forward to connecting with significant potential partners that will integrate Bright Spaces in their long-term strategy of showcasing and commercialising real estate portfolios.

One topic I’d like to approach is related to how the future life cycle of real estate assets will look like and how the digital version of the buildings (adopted on a broad scale) will improve the entire real estate field in terms of better yields and performance.

Connect with Anne Becheru: 

Looking forward to seeing you there! You can already book meetings with any of our colleagues by contacting them via LinkedIn.

Learn more about Bright Spaces on or drop us an email at office @ brightspaces. tech! 

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