There are 4.66 billion internet users worldwide. There are roughly 2.8 billion monthly active users on Facebook. LinkedIn has over 700 million members, out of which up to 40% access it on a daily basis and 61 million users are senior-level influencers. If we are looking at Twitter, there are 192 million daily active users and 63% are 35-65 years old. 

Especially given the pandemic, people have started spending increasingly more time online and they expect to find anything they need in the same digital environment. 

This includes 360, high-quality, interactive Virtual Tours that will save them time, money and keep them safe. No one wants to tour 15 buildings before choosing the right space for their team. At least not anymore!

Until now many commercial developers focused on old-school, mostly printed materials (flyers, catalogs, direct mail, outdoor banners) – which are also a considerable waste of natural resources and have a short lifespan. Their focus might shift soon enough and embrace a digital-first marketing strategy in order to promote their spaces. 

Potential tenants don’t want to visit in person as many spaces as they used to tour before the pandemic. Many pieces of research show that future tenants expect to see a  virtual tour and digital floor plan before committing to an in-person tour. 

Their reasons are obvious: they are concerned about their safety, they want to save time and money and they are looking for innovative real estate companies that keep up with the game. And the game is now digitized.

More high-quality virtual tours are entering the stage, and it would be such a shame for landlords not to use them at their full capacity in their marketing campaigns.

How to use Virtual Tours in your marketing campaigns

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