Bright Spaces helps landlords from all around the world to showcase and lease their commercial spaces faster and safer.

We do that by developing a 3D interactive platform that brings together all the important information for a tenant, as well as a management system to keep all data in one central point.

Our team has already implemented this type of platform for various clients from Romania and the UK.

Here is the live implementation for Skanska’s Equilibrium and how it works:

But the benefits of using Bright Spaces go beyond this. We haven’t built just another simple virtual touring solution, but a complex tool that can help landlords better showcase their properties, boost their marketing efforts, improve their communication with their tenants and brokers, efficientize their work, position their brand and, of course, save time and money by using a process that turns prospects into leads much faster. 

If you are a landlord or developer curious about what Bright Spaces can do for your business, this article is certainly for you, so let’s get into more details.

Better showcase your properties

It is time to put a spotlight on your offices and present them in a modern, dynamic, interactive environment. Offer your tenants a digital experience that enables them to learn all they need to know about your space before booking a tour or requesting an offer. 

With Bright Spaces, you can:

  • Showcase all your available spaces in 3D and in various fitouts
  • Give clients a better understanding of what makes your spaces unique – tech features, certifications, infrastructure etc.
  • Answer questions like: where are the nearest coffee shops? How can I access the building? How far is this space from the airport / metro station / my home
  • Facilitate live tour bookings using the built-in booking feature
Bright Spaces for One United Properties

Boost your marketing & branding efforts

More and more landlords have started investing in their own marketing campaigns. Furthermore, online marketing is more efficient, as it doesn’t involve printing short-spanned life materials that are harder to monitor in terms of results. And also you cannot constantly update them.

Bright Spaces can be used across various channels to promote a space in a more appealing, modern way. To make the most out of this interactive visualization tool, use video demos in your social media campaigns, create content about the benefits it brings to your clients or kick-off lead generation campaigns.

All platforms we implement are branded with our clients’ specific identity, to make them unique and recognizable. If you are an owner or developer, this comes to meet your need for brand awareness, position your company as an innovation-oriented partner, ready for an accelerated digitized future.

At the same time, the future is also about building sustainable businesses that address environmental challenges. Using a platform like Bright Spaces helps you solidify your ESG policy – when your potential customers can visit an office virtually and get all the data they need from an online platform, they can limit their travelling only to the spaces they are really interested in, thus lowering their carbon footprint.

Improve your inhouse communication

Leasing processes can be lengthy, with more than one leasing specialist getting involved in negotiations. These kinds of negotiations are also very dynamic. Tenants together with their Tenant Reps have specific requests that they care about and that must be taken into account at all times in order to conduct a professional leasing process. 

To make sure all the members of the leasing team have access to the same information, Bright Spaces allows adding as many people as needed in the platform, but with different roles. 

The intuitive lead management feature we are providing keeps track of all data about a client – what’s important for them, what they have requested and what they have been offered until now, what other services they are looking for (parking or storage), making it easier to coordinate communication inside the leasing department.

Improve your communication with tenants and brokers

Our role is to streamline communication between all players involved in a commercial leasing process. 

When it comes to brokers, we know how important it is for them to be constantly updated on a building’s vacancies. Thus, we created a new feature, integrated in the Bright Spaces platform, that allows landlords/developers to send an Availability Newsletter to all the brokers they work with. This report includes all details about the available spaces of a building and can be sent easily to an entire database or just to selected partners. Everyone receives the same information at the same time, for a coherent communication process. 

When it comes to tenants, potential clients can now receive links with all the information they need about a building they are interested in, instead of brochures and printed presentation materials. This starts with the financial offer and goes on with data about tech specs, accessibility, fit-out options, making it easier for tenants to understand if and how their needs are covered. 

This understanding also translates to speeding the journey from prospect to a qualified lead. If a space checks all the right boxes online, a potential customer deciding to visit it has more chances to become an actual paying client.

Bright Spaces for Brickfield Business Center

Eliminate human error

How many times have you sent an email or a document that had a small error which could have been avoided? Human error is normal, but automation and digitization can contribute greatly to eliminating it. 

So we integrated a pre-contract/Head Of Terms (HOT) feature in the platform. 

The common word document is created by filling an easy to use web-form with relevant information like the financial proposal, selected space, tenant details, and requirements. This then automagically generates the word document which is then sent to the right people involved for suggestions.  

Save time & money

Your leasing department can end up saving more than 50% of its time spent on manual, repetitive processes by using digital tools. By cutting time investments, you consequently save budgets and increase your team’s productivity. 

Bright Spaces helps potential tenants get a more in-depth understanding of whether a space fits or not their needs. This means that they’ll make more informed decisions and will end up choosing to visit only those spaces they are truly interested in. For a leasing specialist, this means fewer tours and more qualitative interactions with warmer leads.

At the same time, the platform facilitates the offering process: it is easier and faster to send proposals, to generate Head of Terms agreements and to keep track of your future tenant’s requirements. Having all information in one place provides structure and reduces the amount of time that otherwise would be used to track information, gather it, organize it and pass it over. 

The Management Dashboard also helps you keep track of your spaces’ availability so that you don’t have to constantly check and update it manually. Needless to say, this brings back time that your leasing specialists can invest in new projects, supporting your company’s sustainable growth.

To conclude

All of these benefits came from us acknowledging the market’s new or existing needs. Our goal is to continuously improve Bright Spaces in order to help our clients’ processes and their relationships with their tenants and brokers, while following real estate best practices and sustainability goals. 

If you decide to put the platform at work, it can radically enhance your leasing process. Read more about our recommendations on how Bright Spaces can boost your selling efforts, here

“It is a genuine pleasure collaborating with Bright Spaces. They deliver more than they promise and provide full support in a timely fashion. I believe that this is the biggest similarity between Skanska and Bright Spaces: premium user experience.” Maria Tudorica, Leasing Negotiator Skanska Romania.

“We recognize the importance of online tools, therefore we developed a great partnership with Bright Spaces. The digital leasing solution for our office portfolio at One United Properties enabled us to put forward, remotely and in a highly efficient manner, solutions that also include fitout options and 3D tours. This dramatically improved productivity in the leasing process.”, said Mihai Paduroiu, CEO One Office.