Data is key for performant sales. Gathering, managing, and having in-depth knowledge of data points along the entire leasing process is professionals’ most valuable tool for B2B sales.

When we started building Bright Spaces, we knew we wanted to serve our clients from one end to the other. This is why, besides developing high-tech web platforms that showcase 3D replicas, with multiple fitout options, and specifications for buildings, we also worked on a unique & easy to use Management Dashboard. 

Thanks to this Dashboard, your leasing team will have instant, real-time access to your spaces’ availability, will be able to track deals, generate offers and contracts, and have complete control over the necessary next steps. 

Furthermore, you can give custom access to your marketing department, for example, so that the two departments’ efforts are more aligned. 

Here are 5 of the 8 categories you and your team will have access to once the Bright Spaces solution is implemented: 

Clear overview of your building portfolio

The Management Dashboard provides a real-time, in detail image of each of the buildings’ status: 

  • occupancy for each building, kept in stacking plans based on tenant split
  • parking and storage availability
  • new offer/live tours requests
  • offers already sent by the leasing department
  • signed and lost contracts

These statuses update automatically. Once a potential tenant makes a request – you’ll see it here. When a lead is qualified and is ready to be sent a Head of Terms, you’ll know. The sales cycle is thus accelerated and your occupancy rate will increase. 

Deals Pipeline CRM

Forget about dispersed data gathered in non-intuitive, decentralized spreadsheets. All the information about tenants and future clients are structured in an easy-to-visualize format, enabling you to know, at any point:

  • the current status of each client/lead
  • size of spaces rented/leads are interested in
  • extra facilities they are looking for (parking, storage, sustainability features, tech specs)
  • contact information for rapid communication

Outside data – that weren’t generated through Bright Spaces – can also be added, so that you have all the relevant information in one single place. It is also possible to integrate your existing CRM solution with Bright Spaces, for a smooth transition to using the platform. You can have sales data pushed into your current CRM in order to have one clear deal flow.

Having this data centralized automatically enables you to offer a better experience to your clients. Why is this essential? Well, 84% of a SalesForce survey said that the experience provided by a company is as important as its product or services.

Last but not least, this information is critical for your marketing department, as they can optimize their campaigns in accordance with your leasing department’s needs.

Offer & Head of Term generation

Until recently, offers and pre-contracts used to be generated manually, via word documents. This translates into wasted time and potential human error that slow down the closing process. Consequently, we decided to integrate a digital generation of documents in our platform. 

You still have full control over these documents, but the standard parts have been automatized. This means that you can now create personalized offers or head of terms faster, integrate specific requests more easily and speed up the signing process. Also the Legal Department can be registered as a user and receive immediate notification when a deal enters in this stage.


One of our most complex features, to meet your highest expectations from a Reporting service. This section provides you with information about:

  • the evolution of the occupancy degree
  • finances and a breakdown per each revenue stream
  • tenant status, divided per real estate vertical (if necessary: office, retail, industrial)
  • notifications about incoming contract changes, that allow you to know when a contract will end; for the leasing teams, this means they are able to generate new contracts before the tenants ask for negotiation / start promoting the spaces for constant cash-flow

Newsletters to brokers

Streamline communication with real estate agents with our integrated Availability Newsletter. Simply add all your partners here and send, to all of them – or just selected ones – with details about the availability of your spaces. Communication is unified, as everyone gets the same information, without you having to contact each of them individually. 

Having these updates, alongside the showcasing platform, brokers can find the perfect matches between a future tenant’s requests and the landlord faster. Your partners can use the digital replica and all the tech specifications available on your personalized, web-based platform, to showcase your spaces and attract more qualified leads, faster!

Having partnerships with several brokers agency and using Bright Spaces you will be able to send specific availability to each of them, thus having a minimum chance of double offering the same spaces.

Interested in discovering all the features that can turn into competitive advantages for your company? Contact us at catalin @ brightspaces. tech!

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