If you operate in the real estate industry, you know there has been a shift in how customers find space to lease. With the proliferation of digital marketing and more business being done online, it is now imperative to enhance your online presence and make your company stand out online. And it is not an easy job considering that we are in the Age of Information Overload. If you are looking to captivate prospects and inspire them to take action, you need to use eye-catching visuals and digital assets that give you a competitive edge. 

The real estate industry has seen an influx of tech-savvy customers who expect a certain experience when searching to lease a space in your building. We believe 3D digital twins and virtual tours are the key tools tenants need to visualise the dynamics and potential of any space.

Landlords need a comprehensive and data-driven approach to marketing now more than ever. Bright Spaces’ leasing management solution helps landlords across the entire marketing funnel, from awareness and consideration to purchase and retention. 

1. Awareness Stage

A real estate marketer’s goal during the awareness stage is to attract to their website people interested in leasing a space, who are not yet considering a specific company but are looking to contextualise their problem first. With 3D digital twins, you can help tenants clarify their space needs and educate them along their path to signing a lease. Some channels you can use for the awareness stage:

  • Paid Advertising: ads are an excellent way to get your property in front of the right audience. Include 3D digital twins into your paid campaigns to catch the attention of your prospects and attract more traffic to your website.
  • Social Media: increase awareness of your offering by using 3D digital twins in your social media posts. Share video cuts from virtual tours, technical specs from your building, and how tenants can access your building virtually to increase engagement.
  • PR: spread the word about your partnership with Bright Spaces by using press releases to announce the adoption of our digital solution. Get some free press to enhance your company’s image as an innovative company. Create PR articles using your quarterly reports and share the results you achieved with your digital assets. 
  • SEO: make sure your content is SEO-friendly so that your website can be found organically by people who are actively searching for keywords related to your business.

2. Consideration Stage

During the consideration stage, the tenants have clearly defined their space needs and are considering potential solutions. As they are not yet ready to buy, marketers need to provide resources to help tenants determine the solution that’s right for them. One way to do that is to understand exactly how your space solves their problem and to communicate it to them through channels like: 

  • Website: at Bright Spaces, we create a dedicated showcasing website that acts as a digital brochure of your building. Increase your conversions by helping visitors better understand your spaces, technical specs, accessibility, and even of the surrounding areas. 
  • Visual materials: use videos, gifs and images with your 3D digital twins across channels to enhance your communication and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Blog posts and thought articles: include in your content strategy the importance of 3D digital twins and educate tenants on the benefits of virtual tours. Leverage our platform to position yourself as a tech early adopter and a thought leader in real estate. 
  • Newsletters: promote your spaces to your database by including in your newsletter written and visual content with your 3D digital twins. 
  • Case studies: ask for testimonials as social proof and create case studies with tenants that used the platform. Explain what their process was when leasing the space and how the 3D digital twin helped them speed up decision-making. 

3. Purchase Stage

As tenants progress to the purchase stage and are ready to make a decision about a space, marketers must remain top of mind and provide seamless experiences to facilitate decision-making. Because a 3D digital twin allows leads to get a better idea about how well a space could meet their needs, it can work as a proficient tool to qualify leads. You can filter qualified leads and reduce your leasing department’s manual work, saving you a lot of time lost for live tours. 

To assist with the purchase stage, here are some channels to consider:

  • UX/UI: UX design is all about how users feel when they’re using your digital assets. Our platform offers the best-in-class virtual showcasing experience with your own brand identity. Your 3D digital twin will facilitate conversions and increase the number of offer requests. Use Custom 3D Space Planning to give tenants the confidence to commit, so you can close the deal. 
  • CRM: improve your lead qualification process with our dashboard. Track your leads efficiently, create offers with ease in web-view and generate Head of Terms for potential customers.

4. Retention Stage

The last stage of the funnel is all about keeping tenants happy, tracking results and making data-informed decisions. The tools we recommend for this stage are:

  • Analytics Report: use analytics to understand the usage of the platform, what and how many spaces are being virtually toured monthly. 
  • CRM: with the help of our dashboard, your leasing team can overview all the current contracts, track real-time availability, send availability newsletters to brokers and act proactively when a contract’s expiring date approaches. 

Real estate marketing plays a vital role in attracting tenants in addition to supporting the sales process. Use your digital assets and stand out by offering tenants the opportunity to see themselves in your space.

Knowing how your tenants buy can be an invaluable tool in refining your marketing process. You’ll be better able to empathise with prospects, help them clarify their space needs, and provide the right information at the right time, all while you lease more, faster.

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