Brokerage agencies that value innovation and tech advancement now have valuable tools and platforms at their disposal. With Bright Spaces, which integrates multiple parts of the leasing process, you as a broker will be offering a stellar experience to your partners, while speeding the decision-making process.

Offices have gone through challenges and changes, but they are here to stay. The design, agreement terms, and usage might be different, but people still need a place to connect, network, brainstorm, and work together with their teams and peers. Certainly, there’s a variety of styles of work (from anywhere, from near home, from a hub, etc.) but they do still involve leasing of space. 

What’s important is that tenants’ requests in terms of how they research, view, and lease spaces also change. Having different expectations, with technology becoming more embedded than ever in our lives, real estate clients need to be approached differently.

If the landlords you’re working with implement our solution, you will benefit from a better way to attract tenants for your partners. In short, here’s how Bright Spaces can support your work:

Virtual tours for more qualified leads

The static PDF presentation and Excel with vacant spaces availability transform into 100% live interaction. Also, the 2D floor plan with squares and boxes is brought to life.

Using digital replicas of buildings potential tenants can access and tour in 3D, for a better understanding of the space. The digital twins are available on a personalised web platform or embedded in the project website. The vacant spaces are easy to share through a simple link and can be accessed from any device. 

Scheduling a visit to a vacant space can be a tough job trying to mix and match so many different agendas. In this digital environment, you can invite your potential tenants to see the space at their own convenience. They can explore the building and discover spaces that are available for lease, select their preferred fitout and thus get a better understanding of whether an office would manage to suit their teams’ needs.

But what about future vacant offices? How do you tour them having the current tenant in office?

This visibly saves critical time for you and for the landlord that you represent. 

Promoting spaces to your contact lists potential customers go through the first filter: seeing if the potential space fits their needs and understanding fitout options. The actual result is having that space/those spaces viewed by hundreds of potential tenants. The probability of the number of leads that could actually turn into signed deals increases exponentially. 

The live tours will be more valuable, not only ”sightseeing” office spaces. With the tenant already familiarized with the proposed space, you will be focused on presenting more in-depth information and answering their specific questions, rather than walking around an empty office and receiving limited or no feedback

Digital brochures to promote spaces to wider audiences

The Bright Spaces solution isn’t limited only to virtual tours. The platforms include a wide range of details clients might be interested in:

  • location and surroundings (cafes, restaurants, transportation)
  • tech specifications
  • sustainability, safety and health measures
  • real time availability
  • extra facilities

All information that is relevant for the landlord and the tenant is included in this web digital brochure. The platform acts as a central point of truth and it is very easily updatable. Use it to promote the spaces you want to lease to a wider audience or solely to answer your potential customers’ questions in a more innovative, intuitive manner. 

Newsletter availability for a seamless landlord-broker relationship

Working with multiple office landlords or developers means managing considerable amounts of data. One very important aspect to always keep in mind is the availability of any building you manage and the needs for new leases. 

Through Bright Spaces, landlords have an easy-to-use Newsletter availability feature, allowing them to regularly send information about their spaces’ availability in real-time. This will create smooth communication between you and your partner, as you’ll always be up to date with their vacancy rates. Furthermore, there is dedicated information that is not public and that you can get access to exclusively.

Using a digital brochure saves you the time spent on live showcasing that can often lead to no contract. Furthermore, offering your clients the option to tour the space through a digital replica will create a valuable experience for them: they can visit the space again and again digitally, whenever they want, learn most details about the building, check the details they are interested in and come back to you for a more in-depth conversation, a live tour or to book a space.

All of these contribute to a faster leasing process, but also to better positioning in the market as an innovation-oriented agency.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do and how we can collaborate, please contact us at catalin @ brightspaces. tech. 

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