Real estate marketing and leasing are evolving to keep up with today’s clients’ expectations, with digitalisation and sustainability practices. 

Using 3D digital twins comes with many benefits, but how are they different from the more traditional marketing & leasing tools used until now? 

To understand if Bright Spaces, with its 3D digital twin-centred platform and custom space planning, is a good fit for you to optimise certain aspects of your work, let’s compare it with:

Presentation photos / videos

Presentation photos, even 360 ones or recorded videos are a good way to show a finished space, but they do have some limitations. 

Switching to Bright Spaces means you’ll be able to showcase office buildings in 3D,  offering your customers the opportunity to explore the spaces they’re interested in at their pace, in virtual tours. 

Furthermore, a photo or video captures the environment as it is at a certain point, with a specific design or other branding elements. This makes it difficult to present your spaces once changes are made. In a 3D-built environment, modifications are made easy and fast. 

Last but not least, videos and images can be taken only if the office is built. This means that in order to lease it, you’d have to use renderings or something better – a 3D digital twin that gives a real feel of how the actual building will be like. 

Traditional websites

Having a website nowadays is mandatory. Any business that wants to be findable online has to have a good, easy-to-use and accessible website. 

Imagine replacing your existing website with a customised one that welcomes potential customers to intuitively explore your available spaces. They are able to learn everything they need to know about tech specs and surroundings and book a meeting or request an offer just with a few clicks! 

Printed promotional materials 

Printed advertising has paid off in lack of something better, with real estate players targeting their audience through beautiful materials. But as there are new options available, we start seeing their disadvantages: these materials are not trackable, are costly to update and are not very environmentally friendly.

Bright Spaces allows you to showcase your spaces in a web environment, which means that anyone can access them, whenever they want. This gives you access to a new, bigger pool of potential clients. Furthermore, whenever a change appears – a floor is leased, a new feature is added, a new building is built – it’s very easy to make any desired updates. 

Last but not least, using 3D digital twins in your marketing campaigns, online, means that you’ll significantly decrease your impact on the environment and come across as a responsible developer! 

PDF brochures 

Printed advertising materials are doubled by PDF brochures that include much vital information that can be sent online. So how are 3D digital twins better than these? 

What we’re proposing is not just the digital twin of the building, but a website, as stated before. This includes the building, but also all the relevant details a tenant might need to know. Compared to PDFs, these are easier to edit and can include animations, videos, or other interactive elements, and – very importantly – the availability is showcased in real-time. Furthermore, it is possible for a landlord to submit only the information a tenant requires, instead of a whole pdf document that comprises all the details about the space. 

Standard 2D fit-outs 

When looking for a new office, tenants want to get a good understanding of how it would fit their teams. This ranges from proximity to points of interest – restaurants, coffee shops, metro stations etc. to what the space looks like and what facilities it offers. 

Until now, when trying to make a decision, potential clients were offered 2D plans that asked them to imagine what the finite space would look like. Given that we’re now in an era where digitalisation and gamification are present in almost everything we do, and that decision-makers have changed from strictly real estate professionals to people with no or little experience in real estate, 2D plans are not sufficient any more. We have to stop asking people to imagine that a box is a chair and show them a real chair, in 3D. 

With Bright Spaces, your spaces showcased as 3D digital twins benefit from no-fit-out or pre-defined fit-outs of your choice. To really differentiate yourself and sign a client, we can work together to provide you with customised 3D space plans. 2D plans are elevated into 3D virtuals they can access online and share with any interested party. Talking about speeding up the decision-making process, right? 

To sum it up, the tools available on the market until now – brochures, photos, videos, standard fit-outs and promotional materials, used to work. Having an audience that expected them meant that they paid off. As we are living in a more dynamic, tech-driven world, our expectations change and offering your clients the experience they want (or don’t even know it’s possible) can make a huge difference.

We’re aware that these 3D digital twins won’t replace the human touch and we don’t even want that. It’s all about adding a layer that brings value both to you and to your clients. Let’s talk!

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