When we started building Bright Spaces, more than 2 years ago, we had a clear goal in mind and we are still dedicatedly following it: to help commercial landlords work better, through continuously improved technology, that allows them to focus on the qualitative aspects of their business and attract the right clients faster, and digitally – which involves less resources.

The real estate industry has entered an accelerated digitization process and proptech reshapes more and more processes. Innovative players that understand that this is not only a trend, but the new status-quo and the future of real estate, start integrating technologies in their work and this already pays off. 

The digital showcasing and leasing solution we are building for our clients contributes to their positioning as an avant-garde company, prepared to meet its partners’ new needs, in a world that constantly evolves. 

It also supports their ESG policies (forget about tons of printed materials that are so environmentally unfriendly), their marketing campaigns and it helps to streamline their work while reducing time and money invested in manual tasks. 

Probably one of the most important things it also does is that it can be used to increase sales by attracting more qualified leads, faster.

Our platform can radically enhance your leasing process, if put to use properly. If you would like to make use of it at full capacity and discover how it can contribute to your company’s revenue growth and resource optimization, here are our 7 main recommendations:

1. Use actionable CTAs on your website and make sure to integrate the platform where needed

One of the keys of a high converting web page are the call-to-action buttons. These should be clear, actionable and visible. Remember to use one CTA per page, to help visitors focus on a certain action. 

In this scenario, the CTA should lead to the showcasing and leasing platform in order to obtain a qualified lead by the end of their visit on your website. You can use it more than one time on a web page, but the message should stay the same.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t be vague. You could use something like Tour the space or Ask for a quote, Show me the spaces.

2. Link the platform in all your main communication channels

It is vital for your potential clients to be able to find the platform fast and easy. Keep in mind that web conversion for B2B happens slower, and in order to increase your chances, people need to find all the information they need at the ease of a click.

In order to sell more through the personalized Bright Spaces platform, link it in all your communication channels: website, social media bio’s, newsletters etc. Make it the option of choice for your future clients and promote it as an integrated solution that helps them learn everything they need about your space and services in order to make a decision – be it that of a visit or an offer request.

3. Include your personalized Bright Spaces solution in your branding and advertising campaigns & mention it frequently

The Bright Spaces platform personalized for your own commercial building or entire portfolio, next to your specific branding, can become a valuable marketing tool. In order to attract as many users and convert them by using this solution, make sure you:

  • Publish written content about it on your main communication channels (articles, social media posts, personal opinions etc.)
  • Create and promote video content that explains the features of the platform and the main advantages it brings to your clients
  • Use it in alignment with your positioning and mission 
  • Talk about the solution as often as possible and about how it is an integrated part of your strategy for the future
  • Integrate it in marketing or remarketing campaigns on social media / email / influencer marketing or any other activity that talks best to your potential customers

4. Make sure that you have a funnel that leads to requesting an offer/visit

Any sales process has more or less the same steps: awareness, interest, consideration and decision. So we are talking about a funnel and not about a 1-step journey and you should be prepared to build this journey and have it lead to requesting an offer or booking a visit. 

Here is a short exemple:

  1. You are sending a newsletter talking about the benefits of your spaces
  2. It leads to an article detailing them
  3. The article also talks about digital viewing and live tours
  4. You include a CTA leading to the platform
  5. You come back with another message reminding people about the platform and the possibility to schedule a tour or ask an offer custom built to their own expectations

5. Keep the platform up to date 

While everything that happens through the platform goes in the dedicated, associated Admin Panel, you can also add data from activities conducted outside the platform. It can become your central point of information where you keep track of all your clients/leads, their requests, vacancy, HOT offers, as long as you constantly update it.

Furthermore, the same Management Dashboard allows you to communicate with brokers, sending them specific information about your spaces. The Newsletter Availability feature permits a coherent communication, where everyone you need to, receives the same information.

6. Add anyone who can contribute

The platform allows adding various members of your team –  you can add various people (from your leasing specialists to marketing professionals), giving them different roles in the platform, so that internal communication is aligned. 

Thus, everyone communicating with potential clients (either directly, through your leasing professionals, or indirectly, through your marketing campaigns) will have the same data on vacancy, features, tenants and needs. 

7. Develop content around it – blog articles, interviews on our blog, case studies

Especially when we’re talking about B2B websites, the acquisition process takes longer. Future clients tend to spend more time researching, aligning teams, making decisions – as it also involves more members of a company in order to make the call. 

Going directly with a sales-oriented message might not work alone so here is where our platform helps. Create content around it and have people discover your space at their own pace, online. Talk about it often, help them visit your space digitally as frequently as they need to, write about your WHY behind implementing the solution, interview tenants that have used it and ask how it helped them make a decision. We’re bound to consider a decision good if taken by others as well.

These are our 7 recommendations you should try in order to amplify Bright Spaces platform’s power to sell. 

If you want to learn more about our solution and how it can help you showcase and lease your commercial spaces digitally, contact us at [email protected]!