The changes real estate has gone through in the past 2 years are just the beginning of what’s going to come next. When it comes to the future of the office with everything it stands for and its impact, the future seems to centre around technology, flexibility, and responsibility. 

For landlords, this means that they need new tools and new strategies to stand out from the rest, as well as a new way of doing business. Automation, simplicity, accessibility and speed are key, and we’ve understood this since our beginnings in 2019. 

We’ve built Bright Spaces with you in mind and are constantly improving the product to serve your needs. What’s in it for you if you are going for our 3D Digital Twin-based showcasing, management and leasing solution? Here are just 5 of the reasons why we think Bright Spaces should be part of your digitising strategy: 

1. Tenants can visualise the potential of any of your spaces any time they want

Studies show that more than “85% of potential tenants would like to digitally research and virtually visit a space before going to the building in person” (2021 US Proptech & Real Estate Study).  As they are used to having an app or accessing a website for anything, having your spaces replicated digitally under your signature look constitutes more than a competitive advantage: it will soon become the norm. 

With Bright Spaces, your commercial spaces are transported to a digital universe where the centre piece is the digital twin. Built to emphasise the look and feel of your spaces, these digital replicas allow potential clients to discover all technical specs and building characteristics that make you stand out. 

Furthermore, the custom 3D office space planning creates design scenarios that will allow them to imagine how well a space would fit their needs. 

With all this data available on a website, your spaces are accessible for showcasing at any time, regardless of time zones or schedules! 

The partnership with Bright Spaces helped us come up with a tailored response to the new needs of an increasingly dynamic market, such as real estate. The digital solution developed for Skanska helped us revolutionise the way we present our buildings and office spaces, now through 3D virtual reality. Not only does this make the leasing process more streamlined, but saves time & resources while providing our clients with all the information needed about the availability, features, and even tech specs of the desired building or space.”, Anamaria Cretu, Leasing and Asset Manager, Skanska’s Commercial Development Business Unit in CEE

2. Negotiation times are cut to half

As tenants are now able to virtually visit your property any time they want, accessing the most important details with just a click, they can make a decision faster. When you give them the option to go online, whenever it suits them best, analyse your space, its surroundings, features, parking areas, fit-out options and availability, you cut the time otherwise spent on multiple live visits. 

When they do decide to come and see the space themselves, clients are more informed and closer to making a decision, and thus the leasing process is sped up. 

As a matter of fact, one of our clients managed to close a deal in 1,5 months compared to the usual 3-4 months sales cycle!

3. Automate manual tasks

Why spend time on manual, tactical tasks, when the focus should be on strategic ones? When they’re equipped with the right tools, Marketing and Leasing professionals can be more effective, grow and achieve their goals more quickly and easily. 

Bright Spaces allows you to put under control something that is now still very manual and analogue by bringing all the relevant data into one safe and easy-to-use platform.

For example, all details about your spaces’ availability can be found in the dashboard, giving your team a clear overview of your property. This data can be easily sent to all agents you are working with so that they’ll all be informed and prepared to adjust their actions accordingly. 

“Bright Spaces’ digital leasing solution dramatically improved productivity in the leasing process.”, Mihai Paduroiu, CEO Office Division, ONE United Properties

Is a contract going to expire soon? It’s a good thing to know that months before, and start negotiations. Bright Spaces will take care of these notifications for you and your team. 

Do you have a potential client interested in the space, and they need a Head of Term agreement? Generate it from your Bright Spaces dashboard and send it via email. Save time and offer your tenants a seamless experience since their first interaction with you! 

4. Harness the power of data to develop the best marketing strategies 

Marketing is changing, with new tools and channels and strategies emerging as we speak. People spend 2 hours and 27 minutes daily on social media in 2022, according to Statista. Do you use social media? Probably yes – or at least your marketing department does. Why not benefit from a different way of promoting your spaces and measuring your campaigns’ impact?

Use virtual tours to help people get immersed in your space, rather than renderings or static pictures. Make them stop scrolling with videos that take them through their next office, and then have them visit a one-stop-shop where they can get all the details they need fast, easy and simple! 

5. Work on your ESG goals

As a responsible, future-facing landlord, you are probably already investing in sustainable resources or materials and looking to have a positive impact on nature and people.

Wondering how we can partner with you in this? Well, for example, preceding or even fully replacing physical tours with virtual tours contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and waste.

A digital brochure is accessible to anyone with internet and is extremely easy to use. It is an interactive tool that engages people in a friendly user experience without requiring tech knowledge. It can be shared amongst all stakeholders through a simple link.

Generating digital contracts and transmitting them digitally means no more paper trail, no more mail carriers, no more waste.

Also, you can use the commute analysis to show tenants which building from your portfolio is better placed in order for their employees to generate a lower carbon footprint while commuting to work. 

As the world is getting increasingly digitised, it is more important than ever to be prepared and meet your clients’ needs in the best way possible. We are talking about virtual offices and the metaverse, but we think that changes in real estate happen gradually. We are aware of how things used to be done while being certain that the future will revolutionise everything the industry knows. 

You’ve read five ways we can support you in achieving your goals, but we can explore a lot more. Let’s talk

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