Bright Spaces is happy to announce its entry into the Polish market through its partnership with Sulma & Sulma. This will be a gamechanger for the commercial real estate industry as Office Landlords will get a chance to showcase, lease and manage their properties virtually to their prospects. The innovation will certainly take the industry to the next level, leading to massive growth. 

Bright Spaces provides a highly personalised, fully integrated digital leasing solution for office spaces, which helps to reshape digital leasing as landlords, tenants and agents can get a smooth remote showcase experience. The 3D interactive visualisation platform makes it easy to showcase office spaces while adapting to a client’s specific needs. 

Until now, Bright Spaces has signed multiple commercial agreements with clients from Romania, the UK and Hungary and has mapped over 3,000,000 sq ft of office and retail space. The startup has raised two investment rounds, of 1,7 million EUR in total and is looking to expand internationally, Poland being one of the main markets they are eyeing in 2022.

There are many benefits that come with the use of the platform:

  • Commercial landlords can showcase, lease and manage their assets through one single point of information, in a digital and intuitive environment
  • The whole showcasing and leasing experience is smooth and aligned with today’s digitalization trends
  • Landlords can showcase their spaces 24/7 digitally while getting real-time updates on the availability and clients’ requests
  • Collaboration between leasing agents, marketing departments and agents is facilitated
  • Bright Spaces adds to its clients’ ESG policies by helping them reduce their carbon footprint
  • Manual tasks are automated, saving time for the leasing departments
  • Marketing costs are reduced as the number of printed advertising materials decreases

In short, Bright Spaces helps to enhance market awareness, generate qualified leads, and save costs with test fits, and commissions, which lowers the costs and friction of Customer (Tenant) Acquisition.

Bright Spaces entry into Poland will be through a collaboration with Sulma & Sulma, who are Polish market entry experts. Sulma & Sulma will use their tried and tested market strategies to explore and deliver customers for Bright Spaces for a successful market entry. Sulma & Sulma helps startups in pre-seed and seed stage with product-market fit, sales generation and market expansion helping them achieve their goals. It has successfully helped companies to expand in the EU, North America and African markets. Bright Spaces is also bound to be a success.

Working closely with Sulma & Sulma will boost our presence in Poland. We are happy to have found an experienced partner who understands the value we’re bringing and will enable us to reach valuable local clients.

Bogdan Nicoara, CEO & Cofounder Bright Spaces

On seeing the Bright Spaces solution, I immediately knew this is what we need to take the real estate industry to the next level. We are excited about the project and will be glad to see the solution scale in Poland and beyond

Sebastian Sulma, CEO Sulma & Sulma

There is no doubt that the innovation will be a banger for the Polish market. Just like other markets, Poland is at the forefront in embracing Proptech with its real estate sector changing fast despite the pandemic. According to Statista, the commercial real estate sector was valued at 3.6 billion Euros by the end of the third quarter of 2021. Sulma & Sulma believes Bright Spaces is coming to Poland at the right time and will help in propelling the industry forward. 

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