• Bright Spaces is now available in the industrial/logistics sector, having digitalised 300,000 sqm from the ELI Parks portfolio. Of this area, 118,000 sqm have been completed, and 36,000 sqm are under construction.
  • In addition to the 3D visualisation of the spaces, the platform includes technical and sustainability specifications, amenities, location and accessibility.

Bright Spaces is launching into a new real estate vertical with its online 3D visualisation solution for industrial spaces. The technology company is already working with residential and commercial developers – office spaces, co-working, fit-out and architecture companies, across Europe. Entering the logistics sector represents an important step in the digitalization of commercial real estate processes and in the standardisation of 3D presentation for all types of spaces.

ELI Parks, the first partner for which this platform is implemented, is one of the most active players in the logistics and industrial market in Romania. The developer offers an extensive network of Class A industrial parks in 5 cities in Romania and complete packages of production and storage services. Innovation and the adoption of sustainable and efficient work practices are part of the principles of ELI Parks, which led the developer to digitalise the processes of presenting its spaces.

Potential ELI Parks customers in Bucharest, Ploiești, Bacău, Iași and Oradea can now explore all the projects and features online, in 3D. The platform is easily accessible by anyone with an internet connection, from any device, and also includes information on: location, accessibility, standard technical specifications and detailed 3D visualisation of projects.

The implementation of such a solution does not require the physical presence of Bright Spaces’ architects or specialists, who only need existing information from the design and construction process of the respective spaces.

In a world that changes fast, ELI Parks remains a pioneer of innovation in the logistics and industrial field. Our partnership with Bright Spaces is a significant step towards digitalising the company’s processes, bringing a new dimension to the presentation of our spaces. We innovate in order to offer our customers an advanced experience and to strengthen our position in the logistics market in Romania,” says Andrei Jerca, Managing Director ELI Parks.

“ELI Parks strengthens its commitment to innovation by adopting the Bright Spaces platform for our portfolio. Through digitalisation and innovation, ELI Parks continues to define the future of logistics in Romania and offer our customers a complex digital experience.“, adds Oana Stupinean, Marketing & Leasing Manager ELI Parks.

“Our product is constantly evolving, and we adapt it for each vertical of the real estate market. We see growth in the logistics industry, and we believe that a digital approach that is easy to implement and use will be indispensable in the strategy of any strong player, like ELI Parks. We start the year with an important project for us and our partners, and we plan to expand our client portfolio in this sector, both nationally and globally.” – Bogdan Nicoară, CEO & Co-founder of Bright Spaces.

Bright Spaces allows the presentation of both completed projects and those in the design or construction phase, with all related benefits. Leasing and marketing processes are simplified through digitalisation, and customers can make faster, well-informed decisions, regardless of their location, with all the details available a click away.