Georgiana Floroiu is an experienced marketing professional, who joined our team in 2021, to support our growth on the marketing side. She has spent the first 10 years of her career in advertising, working as a communication strategist in different Romanian and British agencies.

It was the creativity and coolness of this industry that attracted me, and the constant challenge to my thinking was what kept me going.

After working on tens of campaigns for clients from all sorts of markets, I felt it was time to switch sides and find a brand & product that I could dedicate myself to. That’s when I officially switched to the client-side, transferring all the know-how I gathered from advertising to marketing.

Having the opportunity to develop strategies for both offline and online channels spurred my aptitude for and enjoyment of 360° campaigns. All this experience is helping me greatly in my current marketing role at Bright Spaces. 

Her career until now has been marked by many important milestones, but one of the most important achievements for her is related to crisis management:

I successfully led my previous team through economic uncertainty caused by the start of the pandemic in 2020. The agency I worked for at the time struggled due to a significant loss of clients. So I took the initiative, improved the internal processes, reorganised roles and workflows, and reinvented our services to deliver the highest quality. As a result, the agency experienced growth of 162% from one quarter to the next.

In the autumn of 2021, Georgiana decided to join Bright Spaces, convinced by the vision and the team:

I joined Bright Spaces seeking to expand the skills I’ve already invested in greatly while bringing the sum of my educational, professional, and personal experiences and talents to new challenges. When I heard about Bright Space’s vision to become the real estate super app, and their plans to revolutionise the industry, I knew I had to be there, at the forefront of innovation. 

Being part of a team of like-minded professionals, hungry for growth, is what makes me stay. Plus, our plan of becoming a TEAL company. After experiencing self-management for 5+ years in previous collaborations, I can say this is the future of (my) work.

Her role here is to create and implement Bright Spaces’ Product Marketing activities. She says that Product Marketing is different than other types of marketing because it involves much more than just attracting prospects, increasing demand and raising brand awareness.

With product marketing, your job doesn’t end once the product is acquired, your responsibilities extend beyond the go-to-market strategy. You are in charge of positioning, creating urgency and demand, building credibility and providing all the need-to-know information your target audience needs to ensure their activation, adoption, and retention.

A product marketer sits at the crossroads of several different teams. At Bright Spaces, I work together with the Sales and Customer Success teams to discover insights about our clients and learn about their pain points and how they utilise the product. At the same time, I remain close to the product team to understand very well the solution, its features and its uses, and I’m also planning the marketing strategy around the product roadmap.

Our clients benefit from her expertise as well:

I guide our clients on how to use our product in their marketing campaigns. We work together to come up with ideas on how they can use virtual tours to promote their commercial spaces digitally, on mediums like social media, video, email etc.

I help them track the platform’s results, the number of visits and users they get and other engagement metrics to help them make data-driven decisions. 

In the following 1-2 years, Georgiana thinks that one of the most important trends in marketing for real estate is interactive marketing. Marketers want to capture their audience’s attention, but it’s increasingly challenging to do that today, with all the distractions we have. Imagine how it will be in a couple of years when technology will be even more advanced and enmeshed in our lives!

As a result, interactive marketing is one of the trends I see taking off in real estate. Interactive marketing is a powerful tool for engaging, entertaining and educating your audience. Interactive storytelling is a great example: It keeps readers engaged, breaks up the text and presents information in a fun way using visual aids, like gifs, videos, charts, infographics etc. 

Landlords can use virtual tours as a form of interactive marketing. It allows them to present their offering creatively to tenants through an immersive experience. Plus, it encourages tenants to interact with the spaces and visualise all the building’s characteristics to speed up decision-making.

Finally, we asked Georgiana to share her take on the future of PropTech:

Currently, we still have buildings drawn by hand. 2D black and white floor plans are still used in space planning. Imagine a world where everything is in a digital and immersive format? There’s so much potential for impact here. By moving more processes to a digital environment, we can scale our impact by making it easier for people to understand what’s happening in their buildings and make changes that will benefit them.

But the most exciting thing about this vision is that it’s not just about saving time and money—it’s about saving the environment. When we move more processes to digital environments, we can make better use of renewable energy sources and track all of our energy usage more precisely than ever before. Therefore, I believe the future of proptech is going to be all about decarbonization, getting to net zero.

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