Adam Ghadiali has recently joined our team as Director, Head of Growth UK. His journey from accidental beginnings in sales to the dynamic intersection of real estate and proptech reflects the transformative power of his passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to innovation. As the proptech landscape continues to evolve, he remains at the forefront, navigating the ever-changing terrain with a keen eye on the future.

How did you start your career in sales?

My foray into the world of sales started serendipitously at the age of 18. Seeking a means to finance my travels through South East Asia, I found myself in the heart of London, working as a Saturday boy for a prominent estate agency in Kensington. Tasked initially with answering phones for property viewings, fate intervened when an unforeseen vacancy propelled me into conducting a rental viewing. The outcome, a successful transaction on a 1-bedroom property, was a watershed moment, igniting my confidence and paving the way for more opportunities amidst the tumult of the 2008 financial crisis.

This early success spurred a passion for sales, prompting me to seamlessly integrate it into my university studies. The timing was opportune, aligning with a market downturn that presented unique opportunities in property acquisition. This period not only marked a pivotal phase in my sales career but also instilled foundational skills that would prove invaluable in the years to come.

What made you choose real estate and, more specifically, proptech?

Post-graduation, I briefly diverted from real estate, seeking opportunities in a more conventionally recognised professional realm. A stint at the British Chambers of Commerce exposed me to influential figures in business and politics, yet it was the allure of real estate that ultimately beckoned me back.

A pivotal moment occurred when I forged a connection with YOO, the residential arm of design luminary Philippe Starck, and the largest residential brand globally. This experience rekindled my passion for real estate, emphasising its entrepreneurial nature. Working globally with leading developers in emerging markets, I discovered the transformative power of technology in bridging traditional real estate practices with the demands of the future. This realisation laid the groundwork for my deep dive into proptech.

What’s one of your most significant accomplishments as a sales professional?

Undoubtedly, orchestrating the inception of an entire real estate solution for a secluded island project in Panama stands out as a crowning achievement. Spanning 178 hectares, including a 20-hectare natural marina, this four-year commitment involved securing startup capital, influential architects, boutique hospitality brands, and a marina operator. Navigating through the challenges, including the tumult of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project’s success not only showcased my network’s strength but also earned me a coveted position on the project’s board. It remains a testament to the potential of collaboration and determination in the face of complexity.

What is your approach when it comes to sales?

In the dynamic realm of sales, patience and attentive listening have been my guiding principles. Acknowledging the importance of being fully informed before presenting solutions, I have learned to resist the temptation of being the loudest voice in the room. Staying focused on the core issues and avoiding unnecessary complexity in problem-solving has been an ongoing challenge, but one that I am actively addressing.

Why did you decide to join Bright Spaces?

Prior to my tenure at Bright Spaces, my career path led me to another European Proptech firm focused on decarbonisation in the built environment. Content in my role, I wasn’t actively seeking change. However, a chance meeting with Bogdan and Catalin in London introduced me to Bright Spaces and its innovative solutions. The simplicity and clarity of their offerings aligned seamlessly with my passion for design-led approaches in aiding developers and landlords. Moreover, the emphasis on fostering strong and respected relationships resonated with my people-first philosophy. Joining Bright Spaces was a natural evolution, combining my fervor for design, sales, and the transformative potential of technology.

How do you envision the future of proptech?

Proptech, a rapidly evolving industry, holds the promise of revolutionising the way buyers and sellers connect. The overarching goal remains consistent across myriad tools in the market: to facilitate more effective, sustainable, and profitable transactions. The future undoubtedly involves the integration of AI to decipher complex buyer-seller dynamics and enhance overall service. As the industry hurtles toward 2024 with 24 elections on the horizon, proptech is poised for an intriguing journey, navigating shifting patterns and unlocking unprecedented possibilities.