Bogdan Nicoara, CEO and Cofounder at Bright Spaces, shares the backstage story of the startup, the lessons he has learnt this year and on what brought us where we are today (this is only a resume of his original article, published here, on Medium):

The story of Bright Spaces started in April 2019, when the concept was validated at the Real Estate Hackathon, which we won. We seized the opportunity to disrupt an industry and to contribute to the digitalization of the real estate.

Soon after the hackathon, we exited our previous businesses and focused only on Bright Spaces. We tried to get all the help we could get, running over 100 discovery meetings with tenants, developers, brokers, consultants and suppliers.

In November 2019, we secured our pre-seed round of 185.000 EUR, but money isn’t the only thing Sparking Capital, Growceanu and Ilinca Paun brought to the table – they also shared their knowledge and are constantly challenging us to become better.

This year was a rollercoaster ride: we were selected to join Pi Labs Accelerator’s 8th cohort, we signed our first clients from Romania and the UK (Skanska Romania, Vox Technology Park, One United Properties, Moorland Property Solutions Ltd and Impact Hub Bucharest), we will soon announce another big Romanian developer, and we launched our first implementation, for Skanska’s Equilibrium project.

We have many wild dreams and ambitions for Bright Spaces, but are also extremely focused on following the right steps. But we love the process, we try to celebrate any small win and the team has grown a lot. I am so proud of where we are today and I am looking forward to 2021!

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