Andrei Constantin, CTO and Cofounder at Bright Spaces, talks about the story behind Bright Spaces, his tech expertise, digitization of the real estate industry, future plans, and what he’s proud of (this is just a sum up of a more complex article Andrei published on his Medium channel):

I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart, since I was involved in 5 startups after finishing university. I worked with my cofounder, Bogdan, at all of them and in 2019 we launched Bright Spaces.

When I first started working in tech, I came to realize really fast that in order to grow and to make better decisions, I needed to do full stack development and even to add new knowledge, such as 3D modeling.

Due to all the previous experience I gained, I’ve learnt that the best choice for Bright Spaces was to go with a more simple tech stack. I am frequently asked why, but the answer is really simple: we want to be dynamic and to be able to pivot often.

Bright Spaces has constantly challenged me. But I do enjoy challenges! It’s been an incredible journey, with many learning experiences – such as the Pi Labs Accelerator we joined in early 2020 or the many discussions we’ve had with mentors, investors and clients, that helped us improve our product. Even though I am focused on tech development, all these talks and meetup sessions really made me understand the needs of the industry.

Digitalization in real estate is impossible to avoid, as office building developers need more cost-efficient ways to present and lease their spaces, especially in the given context. It will probably take some time until the industry gets digitized, but there are many things that have already started to change.

The importance of remote visualization was surely emphasized by the pandemic and even though we started the project before the crisis, we had to improve it rapidly and bring it to the complex stage it reached today. And we are not done yet, we have the technology to grow even more and the perseverance and the patience we’ve shown will definitely help us reach higher goals.

I’ve learn a lot this year and I am so proud of my team and my partner. They showed me how beautifully we can exceed expectations.

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